Maintenance & Repairs

At Ultron, our level of service and commitment to customer support is at the forefront of our focus. With scheduled maintenance and service planning a big part of our business, we strive to deliver the best. Having a maintenance system in place is vital for ensuring maximum life expectancy for your assets, and more importantly ensuring maximum end user safety . Routine and ongoing maintenance steers the mindset from a reactive to a proactive position and in turn ensuring 100% availability that branches multiple advantageous outcomes for your business.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardio Equipment as we are all aware hold the largest portion of cost when setting up a gym or when those unforseen repairs are deemed necessary. It is extremely important to take the best care of your equipment.  Sweat,dust build up and sand are all examples of small things that can cause large issues and lead to premature damage and failures. Opening covers for routine internal cleaning and inspections are critical with this type of equipment , the life and soul of your machines sit inside these covers and are very often neglected.
We offer 6-12 monthly major services to all cardio equipment and we have witnessed incredible results.

Strength Equipment

In all facilities , strength equipment is exposed to a fair amount of abuse therefore It is equally vital to have routine maintenance in place for this. Strength equipment has a series of moving parts that are accompanied by some serious weight. Parts and fastening bolts often become loose and if left unseen for a period of time they will turn into nasty breakages which result in extreme repair costs and / or Injury.

Ultron offer Monthly to Qauterly Service Inspections to eliminate these situations as best possible.
With a full motion test and service inspections, 98% of the time we identify a problem before it turns to a major issue.

Plate Loaded Strength
Pin Loaded strength
Benches & Racks
Functional & Multi-station